Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Top Ways to Reward Your Employees This Christmas (Guest Post)

Incentives and rewards are effective ways to keep employees motivated. The more their performance and achievements are recognised, the more they’ll contribute to the growth of the company. It improves employee performance and significantly reduces the turnover rate. It assures employees that their efforts are valued in the organisation.

Christmas is the perfect time to reward your employees. At the end of the year, there is more work pressure on employees. It is a good practice to reward your employees on the basis of their performance during the past year and begin the year with a positive note.

How to Choose Christmas gifts for Your Employees
A wide range of products can be gifted to employees around Christmas. Make sure you choose rewards or merchandise that will be received well by your employees. Consider your budget while choosing the incentives for your employees.

Use Online Platforms
Online reward and incentive platforms facilitate organisations to drive employee retention and enhance the performance of employees. It is easier for the HR departments to evaluate performance on the basis of different parameters. Online platforms keep employees more engaged. They can choose rewards as per their liking.

Back in the day, most companies preferred to gift their employees a bottle of wine near Christmas. However, the trends have changed with the evolution of technology. Let’s take a look at some rewards that are widely appreciated by employees.

 Travel Incentives

Employees need to maintain good points on online reward platforms to get travel incentives. These points are calculated on the basis of their performance at the workplace. The better they perform, the more points they will earn. Employees can redeem these points to spend a vacation with their family away from the hassles of life.

These points can also be used to buy frequent flyer points. Frequent flyer points system is introduced by airlines to reward loyal customers. They can avail huge discounts on air tickets or travel for free to any destination. Frequent flyer points also facilitate people to upgrade their tickets and enjoy a comfortable travelling experience by redeeming points.

 Upgrade Skills

Employees constantly need to improve their skills to retain their jobs and get promotions. These training courses usually have high fees. You can arrange training sessions for your employees so that they can perform better at their job without spending a huge sum on trainings.

 Special Experiences

With online reward programs, customers can enjoy the experiences of a lifetime. Reward platforms offer special packages from time to time. Employees may get the opportunity to attend top award functions or meet celebrities. These experiences come with lasting memories and play a great role in improving the performance of your employees.

 Discount Vouchers

You can gift discount vouchers to your employees. Near Christmas, your employees may have to purchase gifts for their family and friends. These discount vouchers can help them purchase gifts without worrying about their finances.


  1. Rewards are a great incentive. They put employees in a happy mood and give them something to feel good about. The only problem is that feeling is fleeting.
    Incentives that are not related to the work, personal advancement and having impact in the organization are typically a temporary fix. To sustain employee engagement, we have to understand the individual motivations and infuse them into the job regularly. People want to know their work has meaning. People want to feel aligned with the purpose of the organization. The greatest incentive that is both sustainable and economical for a large business is positive recognition. Regularly. Not just once a year. That’s real incentive.

  2. Thank you for the highlighted points that act as a perfect way to reward employees this christmas. this is so impressive to every employee out there.


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