Sunday, December 31, 2017

Turning Challenges Into Victories

Today is the last day of the year (2017), in a couple of hours' time, we will be ushering into a brand new year (2018), the year Of Dog (Chinese Zodiac). I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone here:


Usually, this is the time of the year to recap (the achievements, lesson learnt aka mistakes of the previous year) and make resolution(s) for the new year. For me, I think I've stopped making resolutions for quite awhile, my motto is just to keep learning, keep going and keep smiling! 

Regardless of what stage are we, life is and will continue to be filled with challenges (big or small), it's a matter of mindset to look at it from another angle to turn it into victory and the following Chinese words said it all :
For those who can't read Chinese, basically there are 2 Chinese words on the left. If you view it straight, it mean CHALLENGE, but if you turn it upside down, it mean VICTORY). Chinese calligraphy is such a beauty!


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