Monday, January 22, 2018

3 Sites/Apps That Willl Earn You Trade-able Cryptocurrencies

Before the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency bubble burst (not sure when), many people are still very keen to get their hand "dirty" into the crypto-mania. Of course, the fastest way is to buy it from the cryptocurrency exchange (assuming you already have an account with them) or buy it from the ATM. Next, is to get it through mining which take time and there is no guarantee.

Today, I am going to share the third way, which is by participating in the Blockchain project itself. Depending on the ecosystem of the projects, some of them (see below for at least 3 of them) allow the users to earn some cryptocurrency just by involving in their project.    

Description : Steemit is a simple looking decentralized social network platform which allow users to connect with friends and blog about anything under the sun. 

How you earn the crypto? You will earn the STEEM and/or STEEM DOLLARS (SBD) cryptocurrency when other users upvote (equivalent to Facebook's like) your post/comment. Similarly, when you are upvoting other user's post/comment, you are giving them fraction of STEEM and/or STEEM DOLLARS. Of course, this is just the simplified version of explanation, you can refer to the site or the Whitepaper for more details on how the Steemit ecosystem works?  

STEEM is currently trading at USD 4.51 : 

STEEM DOLLARS (SBD)  is currently trading at USD 7.11: 

I am a current user of Steemit and my profile is @investopenly

Description : Yours is similar to Steemit with the following differences:
1. In order to post in Yours, you need to pay 10 cents (USD) per post, hence, you need to "cash in" some money (can be in USD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum etc..) before you can start the ball rolling
2. The cryptocurrency that you can "cash out" is in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
3. You can set your own price for other users to view your post (of course, you can set it as FREE too) 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  is currently trading at USD  1,708.87: 
I have an account with Yours but haven't posted anything there yet. 

Description : Earn is an survey app that earn you Bitcoin (BTC) once you completed the simple survey. There is a feature to link your Google email account to monetize the non-white list email senders, but personally I didn't active this feature. Note: In view of the high transaction fee of Bitcoin, Earn is currently looking into introducing their own crypto so that it's cheaper to withdraw the earned crypto.    

Bitcoin (BTC)  is currently trading at USD  11,307.30: 

I am currently having an account with Earn. So far, most of their surveys related to ICO (Initial Coin Offerings). Average earning per survey is USD 1 to USD 4 (in BTC).  

I am sure there are other similar projects/sites around or coming soon. These are the sites that might not earn you size-able cryptocurrencies but if you are not interested in buying or mining the crypto but yet wanted to have a feel of owning them, you are free to try them. 


Sunday, January 14, 2018

SG Cares - Enabler To Foster A Giving Society

Yet another cooling day, another day to give my over-worked air-conditioning system a rest, how I wish we can have more of such weather (minus the rain). We are already at the end of second week of 2018, it has been non-event for me, besides accumulating a bit of of the Singtel shares, I did some more reading on blockchain related books, researching on some ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and continue writing post for my other pet project blog Blockchain SG.

Anyway, the focus of this post is on the "Do Good" part that all of us can participate in. From the recent sharing of the portfolio performances of blogger friends here, I believed most of us have a bumper year of 2017 and hence, the "Do Well" (financially) part has been taken care of.  

Yesterday, SG Cares officially launched their app (available in iOS and Google Play) to promote volunteerism as well as the act of giving. It's like a "market place" that matching the aspiring do-gooders with the matching social causes. All good causes under one roof! 

I've just downloaded the iOS app, the user interface is sleek and easy to use. Besides the listing of matching social causes/campaigns, it also has feature like "Stories" and "Learn" for users to share/learn more of the social causes within the community. Also, I quite like the "Inspiration" feature whereby it listed some random inspiring act/quotes and user can tap on it to indicate that they have done that too. Example of the inspiring acts/quotes are:

1. Hold the door open for someone today? 
2. Say hi to a stranger today!
3. Dream big and dare to fail etc..

Also, I find this promotional video (Because She Cares) very inspiring, check it out too:

Let's do good (on top of doing well) together to make it a better place for all!


Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to Value Some of Life's Biggest Investments (Guest Post)

You will own many things in your lifetime but your home will be one of your most value assets. It is the place that you built with your hands and your children grew up in. Your home holds a value that cannot be explained in words. The traditional way every Australian lived was by building a family in one home. New trends have shown a different approach where a family only uses a house for nine to ten years.

Investing in a house has become a medium term investment given the volatile nature of real-estate market. The process of buying, selling, and maintaining a home is not an easy one. An experienced investor would be able to come out of it all ahead of others – or maybe way ahead.

Building the Value of your House

When buying a new home, it is advisable to make decisions rationally. Think things through from the start of your home search to the time you get the keys in your hands. Before you buy your home, make sure to study in great detail about the best kind of loans available. The best loan is one that is safe with a quick repayment period. Talk to your bank and decide on the loan that fits your profile.

Picking the right real estate agent is the second most important thing you can do when buying and selling your home. Ensure that the agent has the right amount of work experience in the real estate industry. Watch out for a “dual agent” where the agent represents both the seller and the buyer.

Understand the size of the home you are buying. It’s not the “per square foot” that you need to consider but the features and the design. Understand yours and your family’s needs before selecting a home. Check the location and survey the neighbourhood. If you have a growing family, look for schools nearby since a school within a few miles indicates a growing neighbourhood.

Maintaining the house is essential as it counts when you are valuing your house for sale. Having an updated kitchen with fresh greenery in the backyard and the front lawn helps improve the overall look of your house. Keep it updated as when you decide to sell your home sometime later, you will need minimum repairs.

Investing in Gold and Silver

Another medium term investment is investing in gold and silver. If you have some money in hand and are not ready to buy a home yet or start a family, investing in gold and silver can be a good option for you. Websites like Gold Stackers can help you invest the right amount in the right commodity.

Just like the price fluctuations in stocks, the price also fluctuates in silver and gold and other precious metals. A smart investment decision can help you build a fortune and generate greater returns on your investment.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Business Loan (Guest Post)

Businesses will require an additional injection of capital, big or small, several times throughout their cycle. Business loans are one of the options companies can look into to get additional funding which can be used various purposes: for purchasing additional IT equipment andmachinery, cover operating expenses, grow or expand your venture, etc.

Common Business Loan Application Mistakes to Avoid

Applying for the right business loan and having it approved will depend greatly on avoiding several mistakes that you may commit during the whole process. As a business owner, you need to make sure you avoid making these grave errors during the loan application process:

1. Failing to have a clear picture of your business’s financial situation

This is the number one loan application mistake you can make from which all others can stem from. Having a messy bookkeeping and accounting system will make it difficult for you to understand where you are losing money and where you can best appropriate or use the loan for.

It is therefore important that you keep good financial records or at the very least, know the basics of bookkeeping. When you regularly review your financial records, you will be able to make accurate financial forecasts and create a suitable long-term financial plan for your business which will help you to borrow more wisely.

2. Not knowing your credit score

Your business credit score is one of the biggest factors banks and lenders will consider in reviewing your loan application. They will base the amount they will offer, related fees, interest rates, repayment terms, and even the actual approval of the loan on your business credit score.

Before applying for a loan, get a copy of your credit report from several credit bureaus. Also, make sure that your credit scores are up-to- date and accurate.

3. Having a poor business plan

When applying for a business loan, you can’t just submit your financial statements and other documents to assure the lender that you have a regular source of income. Keep in mind that if you are applying for a loan, you have to demonstrate how your business will continue to operate and make money.

With a good business plan, you will show the lender your goals, how you intend to reach them, supporting data, and your past and current financials. This key document will help convince the lender they should invest in your business.

4. Failing to have a clear idea of what the loan will be used for

All lenders will want to know where and how you will use the loan they will grant you. As such, you need to know the specific reasons why you need a loan and explain this thoroughly to the lender. The best business bank or lending institution will need to know how a loan will benefit your business.

5. Applying for the wrong type of business loan

There are different types of business loans and when applying for one, you should always match the type of loan to its purpose. For instance, if you have to finance commercial real estate, don’t take out a business loan with a 12-month term.

Also, avoid applying for a long-term loan to pay for some short-term expenses such as meeting payroll or purchasing additional supplies to satisfy your customer’s request. If you’re still in the initial stages of applying for a loan, look for a lender that offers the particular type of financing you need.

6. Selecting the wrong lending institution

There are now more establishments offering business loans: banks, credit unions, crowdfunding websites, etc. Take some time to evaluate all of your options. You can even send your applications to several lenders and when you receive an approval, carefully compare the offers to make sure you’re getting the best possible terms.

The lender you ultimately choose should be the one that offers the best deal suitable to your needs and payment capability.

7. Not reading the fine print

Lastly, before signing the contract or agreement, go over all of the loan fine print and carefully read every term and condition. Make sure you know the specific interest rate and if this is fixed or variable. If it varies, be sure you know when it will change.

Get all details about payment schedules, grace periods, late payment fees, and prepayment penalties, if you decide to pay off the loan early. In case you have any questions about any of these, discuss them with the lender before signing the agreement.

A business loan can be the best solution you can get if your company is struggling or needs a substantial amount of money quickly. However, to get prompt approval and to make sure taking out a loan won’t cause more financial issues for your business, study the different types of loans offered by various institutions. Make sure you prepare for the whole application process properly as well.

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