Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to Value Some of Life's Biggest Investments (Guest Post)

You will own many things in your lifetime but your home will be one of your most value assets. It is the place that you built with your hands and your children grew up in. Your home holds a value that cannot be explained in words. The traditional way every Australian lived was by building a family in one home. New trends have shown a different approach where a family only uses a house for nine to ten years.

Investing in a house has become a medium term investment given the volatile nature of real-estate market. The process of buying, selling, and maintaining a home is not an easy one. An experienced investor would be able to come out of it all ahead of others – or maybe way ahead.

Building the Value of your House

When buying a new home, it is advisable to make decisions rationally. Think things through from the start of your home search to the time you get the keys in your hands. Before you buy your home, make sure to study in great detail about the best kind of loans available. The best loan is one that is safe with a quick repayment period. Talk to your bank and decide on the loan that fits your profile.

Picking the right real estate agent is the second most important thing you can do when buying and selling your home. Ensure that the agent has the right amount of work experience in the real estate industry. Watch out for a “dual agent” where the agent represents both the seller and the buyer.

Understand the size of the home you are buying. It’s not the “per square foot” that you need to consider but the features and the design. Understand yours and your family’s needs before selecting a home. Check the location and survey the neighbourhood. If you have a growing family, look for schools nearby since a school within a few miles indicates a growing neighbourhood.

Maintaining the house is essential as it counts when you are valuing your house for sale. Having an updated kitchen with fresh greenery in the backyard and the front lawn helps improve the overall look of your house. Keep it updated as when you decide to sell your home sometime later, you will need minimum repairs.

Investing in Gold and Silver

Another medium term investment is investing in gold and silver. If you have some money in hand and are not ready to buy a home yet or start a family, investing in gold and silver can be a good option for you. Websites like Gold Stackers can help you invest the right amount in the right commodity.

Just like the price fluctuations in stocks, the price also fluctuates in silver and gold and other precious metals. A smart investment decision can help you build a fortune and generate greater returns on your investment.

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