Saturday, February 3, 2018

Accumulating Singtel (Z74) Amidst The Perfect Storm

For the past few weeks, I've been accumulating Singtel (Z74) in a few tranches as part of my mutated DCA (see my earlier post here and here for more details). Did a stock take today and noticed that I've accumulated 7,500 shares with average price of about $3.60. At the time of writing, it is closed at $3.49 (means I am still sitting at a paper loss :-)). 

This is before the seemingly upcoming perfect storm, starting with the biggest single-day drop since 2008 at Dow Jones yesterday (Friday, 02/02/2018). Dow Jones dropped 665.75 (2.54%) and closed at 25,520.96. Hence, I foresee that when Asian market open on the upcoming Monday, it will be a sea of crimson (just like Cryptos market in the past few days/weeks). Well, I think market correction has been long anticipated, or overdue for quite a while, so, 2018 might be it. 

Many of my financial blogger friends starting to unlock their vault, taking out their war chest or gold bar or whatever they have and just waiting for the right time to hoot! 

What is your view? Do you think 2018 will be the year of angry and fierce dog (like the ones at Chinatown, see below)  which will be the beginning of the anticipated collapse of the markets? 




  1. Replies
    1. CW8888 : you mean ST is deemed as dog of STI? lol

  2. Hi Richard,

    Hope this drop presents opportunity to load up more reits which has ran up so much. Good luck to you too! Btw,The drop is 665.75 instead if 667.75. Just saying.


    1. EOS : Thanks for dropping by highlighting the error. Corrected the figure :-) Talking about REITS, which particular REITS are you looking at now?

    2. I am looking at commercial Reit for it's rental recovery, mainly CCT because over the past few years before rights issue, it has always managed to grow its dpu QoQ even when rental market is pretty soft.

      There's some support at $1.66. Hope to be able to get at this level.


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