Saturday, May 19, 2018

How These 2 Apps Made My Recent Macau Trip Extra Sweet?

I am just back from my 5 days 4 nights Macau trip a couple of days ago, after settling down the work stuff, it's time to get back to the blog sphere again. For a start (or re-start), let's do something light and more leisure stuff - my recent Macau trip's experience. 

This was my third time visiting Macau and for the previous 2 trips, they were all day trip (from Hong Kong island). This time round, we spent the full 5 days in Macau and hence have more time to relax, and really explore the various tourist attractions. Of course, when come to Macau aka The Land Of Money, the first thing that come to most people's mind is the casinos. Practically every corner you go, you will chance upon one or two casinos waving at you. Even though you might not be an a casino person, it is still an eye-opening experience to just drop by and have a feel of how posh or grand a casino can be (it's free entry anyway and nowadays they are not strict in the dress-code, I do see people wearing short and slipper in there). Too bad, there is no photo taking within the casinos, or else, I might share some of the photos here, especially the one in Wynn. lol

A few tips on travelling to Macau:

1. The international airport in Macau is rather small and so far only FlyScoot has direct flights (from Singapore). 

2. Taxi fare there is comparable to the one in Singapore. It's more convenient/easier to get taxi from hotels. Also, most of the hotel do provide free shuttle services to Ferry terminal, other hotels or designated tourist attractions. 

3. If you planning for a Macau trip, you may consider the following alternative tourist attractions (besides the default must visit places like Ruins of St Paul's and Senado Square) :

a. The House Of Dancing Water - It's a 90 minutes+ show that awesomely combine acrobatics, dancing and daredevil stunts with plenty of water. The design and transformation of the stage (from water pool to dry land) is a marvelous experience (it's better than any Transformation movies). It's a MUST WATCH if you are into such show. 

Selfie before entering the show - The House Of Dancing Water

The stage of The House Of Dancing Water - The platform is actually water pool
b. Macau Tower - If you like height and want a bit of the thrill, you can consider Macau Tower for the Skywalk or even SkyJump (at 233 meters height). I managed to do the Skywalk only and have fun doing it with a bunch of un-known but jovial girls from China. 
Before the Skywalk

Skywalk and sitting on the edge

I believe I can fly...
c. Studio City Macau - It's an all under one roof entertainment hub of which their Golden Reel (the Ferris wheel turning in a shape of 8) and Batman Dark flight 4D show are worth the visit. 
Studio City

Golden Reel - The Ferris Wheel in the shape of 8

Golden Reel and me

Inside the Golden Reel

Batman Flight 4D Show

Batman Flight 4D Show

Oh, almost forgot to share the 2 apps that I am talking about in the title, phew! The apps that sweetened my Macau trip are Shopback and Klook.

For Shopback, I managed to get a cashback of $46.70 for booking my FlyScoot ticket and accommodation ( through their app. The best part is that the booking journey is seamless as their app has integrated with the actual booking sites, so your booking experience will be as per normal. The total cost of my booking (flight + accommodation) is $837.78, so, effectively it's about 5.5% discount (after the cashback). 

If you have not download/use Shopback , you can download and register via this link and get $5 cashback bonus. 

As for Klook, its main purpose is to provide discounted tickets for tour, activities, shows etc. in many countries. So, why pay the full price when you can have a discounted one? The best part is that their e-tickets will be emailed to you as well as uploaded into your app. With the e-tickets, you can use it for direct entry without the need to queue at the box office to exchange for physical tickets (at least this is my experience in Macau). I've used Klook to purchase the tickets for The House Of Dancing Water and The Batman Flight Show and managed to save $74.40 (I paid $244 instead of $318.40, which is about 23% discount) for 2 persons.  

If you have not download/use Klook , you can download and use this referral code AQC8R to get yourself $4.30 as a sign-up rewards.  

Enjoy the travelling and savings along the way. 



  1. Shopback and Klook are also my favorite apps when it comes to shopping and traveling. For hotels though I usually like to book through Cashback allows 6% rebate on and for every 10 night you get further 1 night, so I take that as an extra cashback. Then I use my premier miles for an extra miles. Like you said, extra on top of extra and extra, great savings!

    1. B : good to hear that, looks like you are leveling up the savings to another greater level, travel more, save more lol


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