Saturday, July 28, 2018

Weekend Sharing - Mission Impossible Fallout , Hair For Hope and Facebook Meltdown

Time flies, we are almost at the end of July and soon we will say sayonara to quarter 3 and welcoming quarter 4, then that's it for 2018! 

Anyway, life continue... and we are at yet another weekend. So, today I am going to share a mixture of stuff (most are personal and finance related):

1. Mission Impossible 6 - Fallout:
Sorry, being a movie buff, I can't stop myself from sharing my review of this movie. If you are an action movie fan (or just a movie fan), this is the movie you got to watch this year! In order not to repeat what I've said in my Facebook, I am rehashing my review below for the sharing:

Mission Impossible : Fallout - in this 6th instalment of the successful franchise that span over 22 years, Tom Cruise still has it!

If there is only 1 movie you want to watch this week, THIS is it!

If there is only 1 action movie you want watch this month, THIS is it!

If there is only 1 blockbuster movie you want to watch this year, THIS is definitely one of the contender.

Why? 3 main reasons :

1. Intelligent plot with twists and turns (at times the audience are as confused as the characters but that’s ok because that’s the fun);

2. Impactful action sequences that are practical effect done by Tom Cruise himself (from HALO, [High Altitude Low Opening] Jump to jump over the building to car chase, motorcycle chase and even the helicopter chase). Oh, the fist fighting scene inside the toilet and the finale fight on the cliff are highlights too;

3. Most of the previous main casts (Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin) are back to reprise their roles with greater chemistry. New comer, especially Henry Cavil (as Walker) and Vanessa Kirby (as White Widow) are scene stealing too.

All in all, I really like what I’ve seen and might go for second serving in IMAX 3D in due course.

My rating : 4.5 (out of 5)

Anyway, if you are still not convinced, check out the awesome trailer below:

2. Hair For Hope:
Hair For Hope is a charity event (for Children Cancer Foundation) that I am been involved in for 3 years and this is the forth time that I will be shaving my head for a meaningful cause and it is going to happen today at VivoCity Singapore. If you are around that area this afternoon, I will probably one of the shavee in the queue (expected to be long queue).

To find out more about this charity event and support, check out the link here.

 Hair For Hope

3. Facebook's Meltdown:
Facebook broken a record 2 days ago, for the wrong reason. It becomes the largest one-day drop in history, wiped out around $119 billions from the market along the way. Mark Zuckerberg's (CEO of Facebook) has his fortune shed by around $15.9 billions (to $71 billions), on paper. 

The share price of Facebook dropped almost 20% (from $217.50 on Wednesday to $176.26 on Thursday and now sitting at $174.89 as at Friday)

I am no longer a Facebook shareholder, how about you? Are you affected by this "temporary" meltdown? 

Have a great WEEKEND!


Monday, July 23, 2018

Latest Trailers Of The Upcoming Movies (Aquaman, Shazam, Godzilla 2 - King Of Monsters and Fantastic Beast 2)

Comic Con Movie Trailers
Thanks to the San Diego Comic-Con, there have been plenty of brand new trailers being released  during the convention. Movie fans are spoilt for choice, akin to retail investors who are going through difficulty in deciding which counter(s) to buy first?  

For a movie buff like me, of course I won't miss any of them. I've since hand-picked a few of them of which I thought my readers here might be interested too... didn't I ever mentioned that one of the most favorite hobby of Singaporean is watching movies? lol

1. Aquaman (Dec 2018) - The highly anticipated spin-off from DC's superhero franchise, hopefully it is as good as the Wonder Woman:

2. Shazam (Apr 2019) - yet another DC standalone superhero movie, it's kind of a fun movie but I am still abit in-between for this one:

3. Godzilla 2 - King Of The Monsters (May 2019) - I have high hope on this sequel and expect it to be a monster hit :-)

4. Fantastic Beast 2 - The Crimes Of Grindelwald (Nov 2018) - Sequel of this Harry Potter prequel look set to attract the masses again when it hits the theater:

So, among the four, which trailer if your favorite?


Friday, July 20, 2018

Have you done anything NEW that challenge your comfort Zone recently?

World Cup 2018 is over, but life continue...

Hyflux's Townhall was ended disappointingly (to most investors), but life continue..

SingHealth has just announced that their system was hacked and 1.5 millions patients' data were compromised (hot from oven, in case you are not aware),  but life continue...

So, life continue as long as we are still breathing, however, the key is whether our life is constantly enriched? The only way to enrich our life is to expand our comfort zone and the only way to expand our comfort zone is to learn or do something NEW regularly. Something that you've NEVER done before! 

Recently, I've just done something that I've NEVER done before! 

For those who know me well enough would know that I am a movie buff and I do share my movie reviews (in writing) regularly in my social media profile. 2 weeks ago, one of my movie buff friend from Malaysia invited me to do a guest appearance in his Youtube channel to "talk" about movie (in Mandarin). 

For those who know me well enough would also know that I am not good in talking at all. However, I take this as a challenge to myself to brush up my talking/speaking skill and I did it. To me, it's a valuable experience, besides learning some technical knowledge on how to record my voice while talking to him over the Whatsapp, I also can reflect better on some of the "mistake" I made during the interaction.

For those who can understand Mandarin and don't mind listening to my half-broken Mandarin, feel free to check out the clip on my review of the movie, Skyscraper:

So, have you enriched your life recently?


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend Sharing - World Cup , CareShield Life and Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin
We are already at the second weekend of the beginning of second half of the year, what have you achieved so life, both in your career as well as in personal life (including your financial state)? Anyway, it's just a question for you to ponder since we are at the mid-term (of the year) now. Whatever the answer, you can't change the past, you can only take stock, review what you can do at the moment and move on. 

Keep going and keep smiling (my living motto). 

Since it's a Sunday, so just share some thought on some interesting/personal topics:

On World Cup 2018:
Finally, we are a couple of hours away form the FINAL game of World Cup 2018. It will be a face off between France and Croatia. I have predicted an showdown between France and England (see my earlier post here) but Croatia seems to be disagree with me :-)  

Would it be an anticipated winner or an upset (since upset is norm in this tournament)?  Of course, I am still sticking to my very initial prediction that France will be the champion again this year. Well, ball is round, we will know the outcome very soon.  
World cup final - France vs Croatia

What is your prediction? 

On CareShield Life Premium Equality:
Recently, there has been a hot debate on the CareShield Life's gender-differentiated premium (the crux of the issue is that the premium for female is higher than the male). In fact, current's ElderShield scheme is already under gender-differentiated premium mode, which is a fair costing (at least to me) since female generally has a longer lifespan. 

CareShield Life

What I thought might be a feasible solution is for Government to give female policyholders a much higher rate of subsidies (to better compensate them for the higher premium), this will ensure equilibrium of the premium (instead of male policy holders cross-subsidizing female policy holders as I foresee that to achieve a standardized premium rate for both male and female, the "new" premium rates will be higher than the current stated male premium rates).      

On Pulau Ubin Excursion:
Yesterday, decided to have an half-day excursion at Pulau Ubin in the afternoon. Initially was planned to go in the morning but due the gloomy sky and drizzling in the morning, decided to follow the the weatherman app which forecast that it will be sunny after 2 PM (which is quite "zhun" aka accurate).

It has been nth years since I last visited Pulau Ubin, I am happy that most of the kampung lifestyle is still preserved well, especially at the centre near the Jetty. Just 10 minutes bumboat ($3 per person) away from the mainland into the serenity of nature, far far away from the concrete jungle and noise pollution. 

The best way to get around the island is by riding a rented bicycle, plenty of bicycle renting shops there but the pricing are quite different. For me, I picked an higher end bicycle which cost me only $10 for the whole day.

I've achieved my mission of the excursion, which is re-visiting the quarry (the one which is more spectacular is called Ubin Quarry) and Chek Jawa Wetlands.

Following are some photos for sharing..
Pulau Ubin
Pulau Ubin - The True Kampung lifestyle!

Pulau Ubin
Puaka Hill

Pulau Ubin
Selfie at Puaka Hill before trek up to the peak for the view

Pulau Ubin
After 10+  mins trek up the Puaka Hill, this is the view of Ubin Quarry 

Pulau Ubin
Second mission - Chek Jawa Wetlands

Pulau Ubin
The friendly wild boar is strolling at his hometown

Pulau Ubin
Board Walk at Chek Jawa Wetlands

Pulau Ubin
The Viewing Tower at Chek Jawa Wetlands

Pulau Ubin
Chek Jawa Wetlands Visitor Centre - One of the most iconic one in Singapore (front view)

Pulau Ubin
Chek Jawa Wetlands Visitor Centre - One of the most iconic one in Singapore (back view)

Pulau Ubin
Chek Jawa Wetlands Visitor Centre - One of the most iconic one in Singapore (thumbs up!)


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hair For Hope 2018 (Part 2)

Finally, collected the Hair For Hope 2018 goodies bag (consists of my L size T-shirt, a can of coconut drink, a tissue pack and the bag itself). It was a long queue, which is a good sign as it means more people are participating in the good cause! 

If you are keen to participate too but missed the registration, do feel free to drop by VivoCity on 28 Jul 2018 (Sat) as a Walk-in shavee (if the arrangement is as per previous round, there will be two queues, one for registered shavee and the other for the walk-ins). However, if you are not ready to get bald but wanted to support Children Cancer Foundation (CCF), which is the main beneficiary of Hair For Hope, you can use the link below to give any amount of donation (THANK YOU in advanced):
Lastly, if you wish to find out more about the Hair For Hope campaign, please check out my earlier post - Hair For Hope 2018.


P/S: On a side note, I am happy that both France and Belgium and through to the Semi-Final of the World Cup 2018! It is a step closer to my prediction :-)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

World Cup Knockout Stage Now, Which Teams Will Proceed Further?

World Cup 2018 Ball
We are at the 2 days break of the World Cup Tournament at the moment and tomorrow, the first Knockout game (Uruguay VS France) will kick-off at 10 PM (Singapore Time). 

All the balance 8 teams are 3 games away from the Champion and every team has "equal" chance (it might seems unequal on paper but bearing in mind the popular saying of "Ball Is Round!", never say never). 

From tomorrow till 15/07/2018 (Sun), the final at 11 PM (Singapore time), I believed all the CC (Community Centres) in Singapore which are screening the balance 7 matches will be packed and filled with fever pitch atmosphere. 

In any case, most fans want to see exciting attacking games and not defensive games with plenty of ball passing at own side, so, hope the balance 8 teams live up to their reputation (even though some team are still in the midst of establishing it). 

World Cup 2018 Knockout stage

If you were to ask me who will be in the final and who will be the Champion this year, I will still stick to my original prediction (see the link here for my earlier post), which is :

FINAL                 : FRANCE vs ENGLAND

What is your prediction? 


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