Friday, July 20, 2018

Have you done anything NEW that challenge your comfort Zone recently?

World Cup 2018 is over, but life continue...

Hyflux's Townhall was ended disappointingly (to most investors), but life continue..

SingHealth has just announced that their system was hacked and 1.5 millions patients' data were compromised (hot from oven, in case you are not aware),  but life continue...

So, life continue as long as we are still breathing, however, the key is whether our life is constantly enriched? The only way to enrich our life is to expand our comfort zone and the only way to expand our comfort zone is to learn or do something NEW regularly. Something that you've NEVER done before! 

Recently, I've just done something that I've NEVER done before! 

For those who know me well enough would know that I am a movie buff and I do share my movie reviews (in writing) regularly in my social media profile. 2 weeks ago, one of my movie buff friend from Malaysia invited me to do a guest appearance in his Youtube channel to "talk" about movie (in Mandarin). 

For those who know me well enough would also know that I am not good in talking at all. However, I take this as a challenge to myself to brush up my talking/speaking skill and I did it. To me, it's a valuable experience, besides learning some technical knowledge on how to record my voice while talking to him over the Whatsapp, I also can reflect better on some of the "mistake" I made during the interaction.

For those who can understand Mandarin and don't mind listening to my half-broken Mandarin, feel free to check out the clip on my review of the movie, Skyscraper:

So, have you enriched your life recently?



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