Monday, July 23, 2018

Latest Trailers Of The Upcoming Movies (Aquaman, Shazam, Godzilla 2 - King Of Monsters and Fantastic Beast 2)

Comic Con Movie Trailers
Thanks to the San Diego Comic-Con, there have been plenty of brand new trailers being released  during the convention. Movie fans are spoilt for choice, akin to retail investors who are going through difficulty in deciding which counter(s) to buy first?  

For a movie buff like me, of course I won't miss any of them. I've since hand-picked a few of them of which I thought my readers here might be interested too... didn't I ever mentioned that one of the most favorite hobby of Singaporean is watching movies? lol

1. Aquaman (Dec 2018) - The highly anticipated spin-off from DC's superhero franchise, hopefully it is as good as the Wonder Woman:

2. Shazam (Apr 2019) - yet another DC standalone superhero movie, it's kind of a fun movie but I am still abit in-between for this one:

3. Godzilla 2 - King Of The Monsters (May 2019) - I have high hope on this sequel and expect it to be a monster hit :-)

4. Fantastic Beast 2 - The Crimes Of Grindelwald (Nov 2018) - Sequel of this Harry Potter prequel look set to attract the masses again when it hits the theater:

So, among the four, which trailer if your favorite?


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