Saturday, July 28, 2018

Weekend Sharing - Mission Impossible Fallout , Hair For Hope and Facebook Meltdown

Time flies, we are almost at the end of July and soon we will say sayonara to quarter 3 and welcoming quarter 4, then that's it for 2018! 

Anyway, life continue... and we are at yet another weekend. So, today I am going to share a mixture of stuff (most are personal and finance related):

1. Mission Impossible 6 - Fallout:
Sorry, being a movie buff, I can't stop myself from sharing my review of this movie. If you are an action movie fan (or just a movie fan), this is the movie you got to watch this year! In order not to repeat what I've said in my Facebook, I am rehashing my review below for the sharing:

Mission Impossible : Fallout - in this 6th instalment of the successful franchise that span over 22 years, Tom Cruise still has it!

If there is only 1 movie you want to watch this week, THIS is it!

If there is only 1 action movie you want watch this month, THIS is it!

If there is only 1 blockbuster movie you want to watch this year, THIS is definitely one of the contender.

Why? 3 main reasons :

1. Intelligent plot with twists and turns (at times the audience are as confused as the characters but that’s ok because that’s the fun);

2. Impactful action sequences that are practical effect done by Tom Cruise himself (from HALO, [High Altitude Low Opening] Jump to jump over the building to car chase, motorcycle chase and even the helicopter chase). Oh, the fist fighting scene inside the toilet and the finale fight on the cliff are highlights too;

3. Most of the previous main casts (Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin) are back to reprise their roles with greater chemistry. New comer, especially Henry Cavil (as Walker) and Vanessa Kirby (as White Widow) are scene stealing too.

All in all, I really like what I’ve seen and might go for second serving in IMAX 3D in due course.

My rating : 4.5 (out of 5)

Anyway, if you are still not convinced, check out the awesome trailer below:

2. Hair For Hope:
Hair For Hope is a charity event (for Children Cancer Foundation) that I am been involved in for 3 years and this is the forth time that I will be shaving my head for a meaningful cause and it is going to happen today at VivoCity Singapore. If you are around that area this afternoon, I will probably one of the shavee in the queue (expected to be long queue).

To find out more about this charity event and support, check out the link here.

 Hair For Hope

3. Facebook's Meltdown:
Facebook broken a record 2 days ago, for the wrong reason. It becomes the largest one-day drop in history, wiped out around $119 billions from the market along the way. Mark Zuckerberg's (CEO of Facebook) has his fortune shed by around $15.9 billions (to $71 billions), on paper. 

The share price of Facebook dropped almost 20% (from $217.50 on Wednesday to $176.26 on Thursday and now sitting at $174.89 as at Friday)

I am no longer a Facebook shareholder, how about you? Are you affected by this "temporary" meltdown? 

Have a great WEEKEND!


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