Thursday, July 5, 2018

World Cup Knockout Stage Now, Which Teams Will Proceed Further?

World Cup 2018 Ball
We are at the 2 days break of the World Cup Tournament at the moment and tomorrow, the first Knockout game (Uruguay VS France) will kick-off at 10 PM (Singapore Time). 

All the balance 8 teams are 3 games away from the Champion and every team has "equal" chance (it might seems unequal on paper but bearing in mind the popular saying of "Ball Is Round!", never say never). 

From tomorrow till 15/07/2018 (Sun), the final at 11 PM (Singapore time), I believed all the CC (Community Centres) in Singapore which are screening the balance 7 matches will be packed and filled with fever pitch atmosphere. 

In any case, most fans want to see exciting attacking games and not defensive games with plenty of ball passing at own side, so, hope the balance 8 teams live up to their reputation (even though some team are still in the midst of establishing it). 

World Cup 2018 Knockout stage

If you were to ask me who will be in the final and who will be the Champion this year, I will still stick to my original prediction (see the link here for my earlier post), which is :

FINAL                 : FRANCE vs ENGLAND

What is your prediction? 


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