Thursday, September 13, 2018

Kahoot - A Fun Tool For Learning and Sharing

Recently, I've chanced upon a fun tool/app called Kahoot! The name might not ring a bell for many but I like it very much and thought some of you folks might find it interesting too. 

Kahoot! is a tool with the ultimate aim of make learning FUN again. Basically, it's a game-based learning platform, it's suitable for schools, businesses or even social setting, as long as learning (or sharing) is the objective. You can create as many games (they call it Kahoots) as you like and host it (online or in physical setting) for the students/colleagues/audience to play. As long as you have smartphone (who doesn't have one nowadays?) and can connect to internet, the game is ON!

Creating the game is very easy as the tool is quite intuitive, to try it out myself, I did a 4 questions fun game for my colleagues (around 20 of them) to play during one of our department meeting and we have fun with it.

Check out the promotional video below and share the joy:


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