Saturday, September 8, 2018

We Are All Fall For Consumerism, One Way Or The Other

First, I wish to clarify that the "consumerism" I am referring to here is not equate to materialism even though the latter usually lead to the former. The idea is that you can consume something without the need to own it. Examples of consumerism that not equate to materialism are:

1. The addiction of consuming free wifi at any possible public/private locations (whenever you are in restaurants that provide free wifi, you will hear the common question from the dinners - "what is the wifi password"?)
2. Aggressive Consumption of news, especially junk news from social media

3. Playing the free games like Candy Crush, Pokemon GO etc..

4. Movies/TV serials binge on the go

I must admit, personally, I am guilty of such behavior (addictive consumerism), besides the above top 2 items, I am also leaned a bit towards materialism (but not an aggressive one, I hope), example:  

I have 2 mobile phones (1 Apple and 1 Android) with 2 service contracts

I subscribed to Straits Times newspaper

I subscribed to Netflix

I bought quite a number of Man Utd jerseys etc...

I am not here to promote consumerism or for that matter, minimalism (the opposite of consumerism), instead, I am of the view that it's just human nature for us to consume (may or may not be owned), either for pure survival, enjoyment or pure status conscious. 

The problem is NOT on consuming, the problem is on the ADDICTIVE consumption, just like anything in life, as long as there is imbalance, it creates problem. So, over spent our time (or life) in consuming (Outside In), we need to spend more time in contributing, producing and creating (Inside Out). Of course, it's easier said than done, try asking a smoker to quit smoking and you will know what I meant. Maybe it's time for me to try out the Pomodoro timer (productivity tool/app) that shared by the lecturer in on of the workshop I attended recently. 

Are you addicted to consuming? How do you deal with it?



  1. Good to consume certain percentage below our means otherwise one day others happily consume our money on our behalf. We are directly or indirectly consuming. Like it or not. :-)

    1. CW8888 : very true.. as the saying goes, only money that was spent is ours, the rest might belong to other even though they r sitting in our bank accounts lol

  2. I think I have a bit of consumerism in me too - for good food! This means I probably spend more in restaurants than I should, but on other aspects, I try my best to cut down....

    1. Musicwhiz : we are all human afterall :-) I think you miss quoting another area : concerts :-)


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