Saturday, September 29, 2018

Will Both Monk and Warrior Eat The Banana?

Recently, the personal finance blogsphere is filled with a vibrant debate between the monk and the warrior (and recently a few farmers and a Voltron also joined in the fun). I think it all started because of the blog post by Alvin Chow of Dr Wealth (Are Financial Blogger Sufferings?). In case you still do not have a clue of what I am referring to, in summary: if you are in the monk's camp, you have a strong mind to endure "suffering" (read rigorous saving) and if you are in the warrior's camp, you have a strong mind to do bold thing (read rigorous earning streams). 

Of course, there is no right and no wrong answer here, just a cultivated preference. Oh, the Voltron whom joined in the fun recently came from owner of The Finance SG, you can read Derek's I Am Voltron post for more details. I think enough sharing by the peer bloggers on this topic, some of the more prominent ones are from:

I will not dwell much into whether the monk or the warrior is better? My only question is : Will both monk and warrior eat the banana?

You see, either monk or warrior, they also need something to keep their brain/mind/body afresh so that they can continue with their respectively lives "fruitfully"(whatever it means to them), so banana here is just a symbolism of something "of value" to them.  

I think the most sensible answer is "it depends!" 

Depend on what? A few thing...

1. Whether the monk or the warrior like to eat banana or not? Just like me, if you ask me to eat fish, it is a no-no (unless I've got no choice).

2. Whether the banana is within their reach? If the banana is not available (our of stock), too bad for them. 

In short, my point is - instead of just focusing of weather you are more of a monk or of a warrior, I think it is equally important for everyone to better understand yourself whether you will eat that banana or not? If not, how about apple? Orange? :-)



  1. Eat your banana and still have energy to swing like monkey during free time. Some are too tired after eating banana. Some kept so much banana letover waiting for other monkeys to take them

    1. CW8888 : hahaha, ya, can do all the monkey business. Lol


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