Friday, October 12, 2018

Is There Any IPO like Venom?

If you have not already know, Venom is the latest superhero movie (or more accurately anti-superhero) movie starred by the competent Tom Hardy (as Eddie Brock/Venom). Before its wide release last week, it has received terrible reviews/rating from the so called professional movie critics (including those in the reputable site like Rotten Tomatoes). 

However, audience from around the world didn't take heed from those "professionals", instead, they (include myself) thronged the cinemas and made Venom the top movie in its first week of release (amassed USD80 millions in the US Box Office along, the reported budget of the movie is USD100). In fact, majority of the reviews of movie goers are quite positive. 

Interesting, Venom is the latest blockbuster movie whereby professional movie critics and general movie goers are having two different extreme opinion, the good news is, the general movie goers get it right! 

So, if I were to use Venom's phenomena in stock, is there any recent IPO whereby the professional brokers are generally having a bleak review but has it has since garnered a very strong IPO opening (because the retail investors like it a lot more than the brokers).If yes, which one is it? 

Lastly, let's go back to the movie Venom, if you have not watched it yet and can understand Mandarin, do check out my simple movie review with a friend of mine below (in Mandarin though):


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