Monday, August 12, 2019

Am back after one-month hiatus

raccoon dog in Kyoto Japan
Raccoon Dogs Statue in Kyoto
I am back after slightly more than a month break from this blog. For the past one month or so, been busy in moving house, we are finally more or less settling down in the new place. 

Also, just back from a short trip to Kyoto/Osaka Japan. Overall, it's a great trip minus the searing hot weather (heard that this year is Japan's hottest summer and it went up to 37.9 C while we were there). Morale of the story? Avoid visiting Japan during summer if you are not a fan of sun and sea and beach! :-) 

Back at home, we just celebrated our 54th birthday for our nation and hope everyone here (and abroad) have many prosperous years ahead. 

Being an avid movie fan, I've been lagging in catching up with the recent movies, my last movie was Crawl, a pretty good horror thriller about the roaming monster crocs. Still long way to go to catch up some of the recent ones like Fast & Furious - Hobbs and Shaw and Parasite (Korean). 

In terms of my minion size investment portfolio, it remain at its inactive state at the moment as I didn't really have any new action/transaction to shout about.. 

Last but not least, wish everyone have a great long weekend so far and keep smiling, keep going


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