Saturday, June 27, 2020

4949 in 2020

Yesterday (26/06/2020), marked my last day at work with the current employer. Has been working from home for the past 3 months or so, finally got the chance to physically go back to office to return my laptop and stuffs.
Will be having a one-week break before starting my new job and potentially will also be working from home, at least for the beginning.
So, why 4949?
This number is only make sense to me on a very personal level. I am 49 this year and my last company is the fourth employer that I've been working there for the past 9 years. Cannot imagine that I have only worked for 4 employers throughout my 25+ years of working life. Too loyal or too comfortable within the comfort zone? Go figure it out, lol
General Election is around the corner and it's going to happen on the first week of my new job, not so much a political enthusiast myself but all the best to the worthy Party to win the Election.
Keep going, keep smiling!


  1. Well 4 employers over 25 years is not something that most people can do in this 21st century where we know that majority of the people staying with the same employer for more than 3-5 years of more will result in your salary being rather stagnant. In some cases, career progression and learning opportunities are stifled as you do not get to see other parts of the world. So yes Uncle Richard has done very well with his career as he is able to build and develop his career with his employers. For people like you who have been with the same company for so long, may not be able to appreciate that.

    1. Hi Ben, that's what I thought so and I guess it's especially for the millennials. I guess the key is not how long we stay in the same company but how we develop ourselves along the way.

      From the way you address me, I guess you are one of the millennials :-)


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