Sunday, July 26, 2020

AFM One Core Program (Forex Trading) - My Initial Review

I got to know Ezekiel Chew, full time forex trader and founder of the Asia Forex Mentor (AFM), since 2014 and even had a short interview with him previously (you can read my earlier interview with him here). He has came a long way and established himself as a successful mentor/guru in the forex trading arena.
Recently, AFM has launched an online forex trading course called One Core Program, I was being invited to have a sneak peek of the full course which I am still half-way through as it contains more than 16 hours worth of course materials (in video format).  
To give you a glimpse of what is the coverage of the course, refer to the snapshot of the topics to be covered below (click on the images to enlarge for easier viewing):
From the above snapshot, it is safe to conclude that this is a rather comprehensive course that will cater for both newbies (covering basics like trading account opening to the fundamental price action interpretation etc...) as well as the intermediate forex traders (on the trading strategies and trading psychology etc...).
One more exclusive feature came with this course is the 1-year Access to the Golden Eye Group whereby Ezekiel will give a weekly insights/review on the latest forex trading sentiment (in video format).
Of course, forex trading is not for everyone, however, if you happen to look around for such similar online courses (with the current Covid-19 situation, I guess online is the way to go for quite a while), do check out more details here (One Core Program) and take full advantage of their Launch Special (end by 31 Jul 2020).
Disclosure: The above post contains affiliate link.


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