Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 - Look Back and Look Forward

Happy New Year 2021 to ALL!

Phew! We've finally ended the unforgiving year of 2020 and step into the new year with new hope (read vaccines). As the saying goes, TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER (明天会更好), let's keep going, keep smiling!

On my investment front, I've sold off all my DBS and OCBC shares recently with some small profit. Next, will be focusing on putting some fund in the lesser effort avenues like the Syfe (Referral Code : SRPTG2S4L) and StashAway platforms and let the professionals (or the robots) do the job on my behalf. Just completed the onboarding process not long ago and deposited some funds to try out the platforms. Let's see how it goes.  

I am also looking at Endowus platform to park some of my CPF fund but find that its onboarding process is much more complicated than the other two i.e. it requires me to take some online self-test in order to complete the registration. I guess it will take a while before I will complete the online test. 

On the personal front, 2020 is a year of ZERO oversea travel for us, except for our recent year-end "oversea" staycation at Sentosa. 2020 is also a year of LESS is MORE. Thanks to the Covid-19, most (if not all) of us spend less time physically with others but it also created opportunity for us to spend MORE time with those really close/dear to us. 

Covid-19 Vaccination administration has been kicked-off across the globe and hopefully we will soon be back to the new normal. Meanwhile, let's continue to stay vigilant and maintain the proper social distancing measures. 

If everything goes well, I hope we can travel leisurely again in 3rd or 4th quarter of 2021.      


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