Saturday, January 30, 2021

Fixing Health

While many personal bloggers are busy discussing/blogging about the recent phenomena of GameStop share and make the Shorts Squeeze the trending phrase in Jan 2021, I am busy fixing my health. 

There are ample signs and symptom prior to this, my weight has been in declining mode for the past few months and physically it is quite obvious (at least from friends and relatives). High level estimate, I have lost more than 6 kg within 3 months. 

Last week, after an episode of vomiting and stomach discomfort, went to my GP and upon further blood test, I've been officially a Type 2 Diabetes patient (based on the recent report, 10.5% of Singapore population are diabetics, so ya, I am part of the statistic now). With my recent weight loss and the family history, it is not really a surprise. 

Immediately, what will be changing is my diet and close monitoring of my glucose level. I used to have sweet tooth (guess it play a major part here) and now will need to overhaul the food intake/variety. For monitoring my glucose level, thanks to the technology, I am able to track it by scanning instead of pricking via the Freestyle Libre device. It is easy to administer and totally painless too.  

Freestyle libre
Freestyle Libre pack

Freestyle libre
Freestyle Libre applicator (the real stuff)

Also, I've started the Diabetes medicine with immediate effect and due for a follow-up with the doctor sometime in Feb 2021. Well, life goes on and I will continue to do my weekend hiking/trailing where possible.

Wealth is great; Health is much better! Never too late to say this...



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