Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Rarest Precious Metals Available In 2021

For the last 2 years, the world has been gripped by a pandemic, which has wreaked havoc around the world and for many small investors, volatile markets mean liquidating wealth and storing it in precious metals is a smart move in 2021.

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Here is some information about the rarest precious metals that people are buying in 2021. 

1.      Rhodium - This is the rarest precious metal on the planet that is a noble metal in the platinum family and the main usage of Rhodium is in the manufacture of catalytic converters, which are found on all modern automobiles. If you wanted to acquire one kilogram of this very rare element, it will cost you more than $600,000 and about 30 tons are mined annually.

2.      Iridium - Another platinum metal, iridium is the second densest metal, behind osmium, which was first discovered in 1803, when a scientist looked carefully at some platinum residue. The metal is used to make high-performance spark plugs, as the metal retains its properties at very high temperatures. To give you some idea of its rarity, iridium is 40 times rarer than gold and if you wanted to get your hands on one kilogram, it would cost a cool $100,000.

3.      Gold - Gold has always been the very foundation of global health since time began. Now is the ideal time to acquire gold as an investment and with a Google search, you can find a nearby reputable gold bullion dealer. When buying gold, you should always take physical possession and wherever you live, you are never far away from a recognised gold bullion dealer who can be found with an online search. At the current prices, it would cost you $58,000 for a kg of pure gold and with prices rising, now would be a good time to buy that much gold. Have a look at the gold Adelaide investors get from City Gold Bullion.

4.      Palladium - Another silvery metal from the platinum family of metals, palladium is primarily used in the making of catalytic converters, a device that turn toxic emissions into less toxic materials, essential for reducing global pollution. The annual production is around 220 tons and at just over $77,500 per kg, this is an expensive and rare precious metal.

5.      Ruthenium - Yet another metal from the platinum family, ruthenium is inert to almost all other chemicals and cost around $9,000 for a kg. This metal is used in the making of certain alloys and to make very resistant electrical contacts, while it is also used as a chemical catalyst. Ruthenium is found in ore and both North and South America have traces of this metal.

If you would like to invest in precious metal, gold is the safest commodity, especially during these troubled times and a Google search will help you to locate a reputable gold bullion dealer who has offices close to your home. Gold has performed well during the pandemic, as many investors made the switch to gold, which is less risky than other investments.

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