Saturday, May 22, 2021

Things Change and that’s the way to go

The only thing never change in life is change itself, this is even before the deadly COVID-19 virus which creating havoc globally since early 2020. Many people’s lives have changed drastically for the worst.

Personally, I’ve changed too....but mostly not because of COVID-19...

I used to be more plump, now 13+kg slimmer, thanks to the new found chronic condition..

I used to be dislike avocado because of its “oily” taste, but now I like it very much and took it almost every other day...

I used to be a nay sayer for fish (any kind of fishes) because of their potential fishiness, but now I can accept it.. thanks to my wife.

I used to sleep quite “late” at around 11+PM  to 12+ am, but now I knock off at around 10.30PM.. thanks to ageing, I believed.

At time, we have no choice but to change (like most of my case, due to health reason) but it doesn’t means always “for the worst”. We just need to adjust our life accordingly and many a time, change is just part and parcel of life.

Never afraid of change, never stop living...



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