Sunday, July 25, 2021

Simply Invest - A Pleasant Read


When my wife saw me holding the book (Simply Invest - Naked Truths To Grow Your Money) from afar, she made a casual comment “Eh, this book title look like your blog title”. I was like “…..” lol

Anyway, joke aside, just completed reading this 2019 book by Goh Yang Chye. Even though it doesn’t really provide any new ground/perspective, at least to me, but it is still a pleasant read with its emphasis/highlights on some of the salient points about investing eg.

“Focusing on time in the market instead of ‘timing the market

“Invest for the long term

“The importance of psychological biases” 

“Market work in cycles” etc…

It doesn’t dwell very in-depth in each topic but sufficiently hit the points with relevant context like market history, charts and research results etc. Also, the book do promote certain way/style of investing (ie index/portfolio investing vs individual stock picking) which might not be aligned with all seasoned investors, so, do read it with an open mind.

P/S : I quite like the tile of this chapter “The ways we fool ourselves”

As we are back to Phase 2 Heightened Alert now, stay safe and stay healthy!


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