Sunday, September 19, 2021

Book Review - The A To Z Guide To Retirement Planning

It has been a while since I last read a physical book on personal finance. Today, I am going to share my review on a book that I've just completed - The A to Z Guide To Retirement Planning (2016), by a local author, Patrick Chang.  

I got to know Patrick via social media for one year plus, finally we managed to arrange for a kopi session last month and gotten a copy of this autographed book from him. 

The book breaking down the gigantic topic of Retirement Planning into 26 chapters (hint hint from the book title :-)), make it easier to digest and readers can pick and choose whichever topics of their interest to "wallop" first as each chapter can be consumed individually. For me, I approach it systematically i.e. literally from A to Z.... 

It covers practically all the thinkable topics related to retirement planning (from cashflow, budgeting, insurance to various investment schemes etc.) and provide plenty of local use cases or examples from his own experiences as Certified Financial Planner. Besides the evolving National Schemes like Medishield Life and CPF Life, most (if not all) of the topics are ever-green. 

Of course, for a small book like this (170 pages to be exact), it only cover high level broader view of each topic and not dwelling into much details. So, for veteran, this book might seems to be too basic. Having said that, I find that it provides a very comprehensive view of areas that we need to take into consideration when come to Retirement Planning. So, it is very suitable for the newbie or beginner in the retirement planning (regardless of your age). 

Oh by the way, Patrick is also the founder of the Affluent - The Wealth Management Game card game. Do check it out if you are a physical card game fan. Sneak peak : the last I heard from him is that he is brewing something new on this brainchild of his. So, stay tuned!


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