Sunday, September 12, 2021

Gold Investment During The Pandemic: Is It A Wise Move?

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We all know that gold is one of the safest investments you can make. This is the reason why this alluring metal has long been the foundation of wealth. If it has come to your attention that since the start of the pandemic, gold has performed very well, there are several reasons for this.

Volatile Markets

Global lockdowns and no-flying orders have really caused problems for the global economy. It has led to market volatility, which in turn led to private investors getting cold feet and taking their wealth out of stocks and shares and moving it into gold. 

Check out one of the gold dealers that investors go for. City Gold Bullion has Brisbane gold bullion for sale where you can buy, and even sell gold, at any time.

If you happen to be in Australia, you can visit their offices and take possession of your gold.

An Uncertain Future

Just when we thought we reached herd immunity, the Delta variant arrived and it seems like the vaccinations don’t work, which means a very uncertain future in terms the economy. If you have shares in a company or are holding a lot of dollars in your account, now is the time to buy gold and store it at a secure facility, which greatly reduces risk. It is supply & demand that influences the spot price of gold.

While we have seen a few surges, gold has steadily rose in value, making a very attractive investment during volatile times. If you think any of your investments are underperforming or are at risk, gold is the obvious solution.

Steady Performer

Gold has risen in value by 23% since the first wave of Covid hit Wuhan and the demand for gold is growing as more and more investors get cold feet and move into gold, which sends the price up. The currency markets are like rollercoaster and the US dollar is underperforming, which is a sign to sell your dollars and buy gold. Gold dealings are on the rise, mainly due to the arrival of small investors looking for a safer haven, at least until things return to normal, which might not be for a couple more years.

Online Solutions

Wherever you happen to live around the globe, you are never far from a registered gold bullion dealer and Google will help you to locate their offices and you can take possession of the gold. Once registered, you can login to their website and check the spot price on a daily basis. Should you wish to acquire more, you can carry out the transaction securely online and your gold will be sent by courier.

Collecting Gold Coins
Image Source: Unsplash

Many small investors prefer known gold coins such as the American Eagle, the American Buffalo, or the Canadian Maple Leaf, which is a great way to store your wealth. You can get the best prices from the online gold bullion dealer and selling is just as easy when the time is right. Gold is not really a good short-term investment, other than temporarily moving wealth from an investment that is at risk, or as a 
hedge against inflation.

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