Wednesday, January 4, 2023

2023 And Counting

Time really flies, we just celebrated the year end countdown and now we are on the fourth day of 2023. In about 2.5 weeks' time, we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year. Next year is the Year of Rabbit and hope that the 玉兔 will bring prosperity and health to us.

Just gotten my half-yearly medical check-up result and it is on the right track (as quoted by the doctor). It is a good enough result for someone on long term medication. Health is utmost important and most of the time, we will appreciate it more when we lose/are losing it. So, this year will continue to do more walking/hiking around Singapore as well as in the region. 

Also, in December last year, I've utterly enjoyed a number of hiking/walking sessions in Malaysia (Botanic Garden in Malacca and Pinang), Waterfall hike at Gunung Ledang (in Johor), Batu Cave exploration (in Selangor, the 272 steps climb) and Balik Pulau (in Pinang) during my 8 days trip in Malaysia. It's a great experience especially you can hang around with local friends.
Balik Pulau (in Pulau Pinang) 1

Balik Pulau (in Pulau Pinang) 2

Batu Cave (in Selangor)

Botanic Garden in Malacca

Botanic Garden in Pulau Pinang

Waterfall at Gunung Ledang (in Johor)

Waterfall at Gunung Ledang (in Johor)

Investment wise, there is not much traction as I've decided to rely mostly on robo-investors instead of personally pick the stocks. The only "investment" decision that I've made right in 2022 is to withdraw my Crypto from BlockFi in June 2022 before it went underwater late last year. Kind of saving in disguise. 

Since late last year, I've been taking a break from work, so probably post-CNY will start to explore around again.

Wish everyone a wonderful 2023, stay healthy and happy!



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