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My name is Richard Ng and I am a Malaysian turned Singaporean. This is a personal blog of mine detailing my venture in Share Investment Project. All the details in this blog are from my real venture (as it happens) and all amount quoted are in SGD (Singapore Dollars), unless otherwise stated.

Do take note that I am not a savvy investor, in fact, I am a novice. With this sharing, I hope to document what I have learned and more importantly the mistakes that I've made so that I can be a better and more confidence investor in the future. 

If you have any query regarding my blog or would like to have a chat with me, feel free to contact me at investopenly@gmail.com 


1. I do accept placement of ads on my blog, if you are interested to place your ads (banners, text links or paid review posts) on my blog (Pagerank PR3 as at Aug 2012), feel free to contact me for further discussion.

2. Some of the posts in this blog are paid review posts.

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