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I've created this blog series, Interviews With Fellow Investors, with the objective of creating a more robust and interactive retail investors community i.e. to know each other more. Hence, if you chanced upon my humble blog and would like to be featured in the blog like what you are going to see next, feel free to drop me an email at and I will get in touch with you soonest possible.

I am honoured to be able to interview some of the very popular local retail investors and hope to be able to reach out to as many peer as possible.
Hope you enjoy this series and all the best in your investing venture.

Interviewees In chronicle order (click on the hyperlinks to view more):

Interview with Lionel @ 25th May 2014
Interview with Christopher Ng @ 27th May 2014
Interview with Desmond Yee @ 28th May 2014
Interview with Derek @ 1st June 2014
Interview with Tom @ 5th June 2014
6. Owner Of "Lady You Can Be FREE"

Interview with Ms L @ 10th June 2014

Interview with TL @ 13th June 2014
Interview with Little Boy @ 14th June 2014
Interview with Stoical Keynes @ 19th June 2014
Interview with B @ 20th June 2014
Interview with Jeff Sun @ 23th June 2014
Interview with La Papillion @ 1st July 2014
Interview with Liew Xun @ 3rd July 2014

Interview with SGYI @ 6th July 2014
Interview with Alvin Chow @ 7th July 2014
Interview with Jack Phang @ 23rd July 2014

Interview with Jun Hao @ 24th July 2014

Interview with Rolf Suey @ 19th August 2014
Interview with CS @ 17th September 2014
Interview with David @ 2nd October 2014
21. Ezekiel Chew of "Asia Forex Mentor":
Interview with Ezekiel Chew @ 8th October 2014

22. Kendrick Goh of "A Peek Into An Oddball Teen's Mind":
Interview with Kendrick Goh @ 19th January 2015
23. Jimmy of "My Creative Invest":
Interview with Jimmy @ 16th February 2015
24. Jerry of "BfGf Money Blog":

Interview with Jerry @ 28th February 2015
25. Mohith Murthy of "Sing Saver":
Interview with Mohith @ 15th July 2015
26. SK of Frugal Daddy :
Interview with SK @ 18th July 2015

27. Reynold Wijaya of Funding Societies :
Interview with Reynold Wijaya (right) @ 26th Jan 2016
28. "Giraffe" of Giraffe Value:
Interview with "Giraffe" @ 2nd May 2016
29. "Living A Free Life Today":
Interview with "Living A Free Life Today" @19th Nov 2016
30. "STE" of STE's Stock Investing Journey:
Interview with "STE's Stock Investing Journey" @26th Nov 2016
31. Jes of SimplyJesMe:
Interview with SimplyJesMe @21st Mar 2017

More are coming...


  1. Very refreshing and clever idea to have an interview series! Kudos to you.


    1. Hi Rolf, thanks for the kind words, again ;-)

      Btw, I just checked out your blog, would you like to be part of my interview series? Please email me at if you are interested (it is just through Q&A). Thanks

    2. Uncle Rich, Ah Boy thanks you for your kind words :)


    3. Ken : you are most welcome! Keep going and keep smiling


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