UP The Happiness (Videos)

First, you might asked, why is the Page about Happiness appearing in a financial blog? 

Personally, I think life is not about finance (or money to be specific) alone, recently I saw a very good quote about business : If a business is focus only on making more money, it is a poor business! So, the concept is the same, I just like to add more varieties into the mix so that we are not overly focused on the money alone. Happiness is a topic closer to my heart and hence this page! 

This page will provide update of all the episodes from my Youtube Channel : UP The Happiness! If you are interested to watch the videos on Youtube, you can proceed to watch/subscribe it directly here  :-)


          EPISODE 5 : Being Happy Is A Serious Business!

EPISODE 4 : Stop Waiting, Be Happy Anyway

EPISODE 3 : Going Out!

EPISODE 3 : Can Money Buy You Happiness?

EPISODE 1 : 3 Things That Make You Smile Today!

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