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As per the famous world speaker and author (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Robert Kiyosaki often said "Money doesn't make you rich, Knowledge make you rich". It is important to harness ourselves with knowledge when come to investing. 

One of the surest place to obtain knowledge is through internet. Hence, this section is for me to share the sites or blogs that I deemed credible and MUST visit for all investors, especially if you are into Value Investing. Note: The following recommended sites/blogs are focusing on Singapore Shares. 

I will update this page regularly, thus, do pop-by often :

1. Penny Stocking 101: How to Get Started with Penny Stocks:

If you’re serious about your success as a penny stock trader, every piece of wisdom found in this FREE guide (by self-made millionaire, Timothy Sykes) will help get you closer to your goal of building real wealth.
Penny Stocking 101 - How To Get Started With Penny Stocks
2. SGX (Singapore Exchange):
As far as shares trading is concern, this is THE most important site that governed all the action. All the latest official market related news and announcement can be found here.   
3. Share Investor:
This is one of the popular shares community portal in Singapore. They offer premium memberships for exclusive content. 
4. The Motley Fool (blog):
This is one of the popular blog (developed by David Guo, a popular investment guru) with regular postings of latest market development and hand-picked shares. This blog go along the Value Investing theme.
5. Google Finance - Stock Screener:
As the name implied, this site allow you to filter the stocks which matches your specific parameters like PE Ratio, Price range etc.

6. PocketBook - An Introductory Guide To Value Investing:
An easy to understand brief guide to Value Investing. Suitable for the newbies.

7. The First Guide - How To Start A Blog:
This is not related to investing but still a great resource on blogging. The First Guide generated a cool and impressive free guide on how to start a blog. Click here to see my review or go straight to the site by clicking on the image below.

8. The Best Online Trading Sites:
If you are into trading and looking for online trading site, you may want to check out the comprehensive list provided by They have reviewed 13 online trading sites and assessed the sites based on a list of their criteria to come out with the best trading site for Beginners, Active Traders and Best Platform etc.

Click on the image or the link here to explore further:

I am sure there are other valuable sites/blogs out there, if you have any preferred ones to recommend, do drop me an email ( and I am happy to add them in here for sharing.



  1. Here's an informational investing website:
    The Million Dollar Feed:

  2. Great information You have Shared here Also I Found Investment related blog look once -


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