Friday, December 5, 2014

Type of Soccer Fans vs Type Of Investors

soccer fansBeing a soccer fan myself, I have quite a fair bit of friends who are equally crazy about soccer. Typically, I can classify soccer fans' mentality into three categories, which I thought are quite similar to the investors' (when come to choosing the investing strategies).
Continue reading and let me explain...
From all the soccer fans I know, they belongs to either one of the following categories :
1. I love my club/national team ONLY:
Soccer fans in this category only believed their favourite club/national team is the best (regardless of how they perform during the season) and detest any other club/national team. They are more or less me, myself and I type of fan and will go all out to defense their club/national team when chance upon any negative feedback/comment about them. Also, they usually dislike other strong competitor club/national team and will make every effort to troll them.
From investment perspective, investors fall under this category will stick to their one-and-only strategy (whether it is trading, value investing, growth investing etc...) no matter what!
2. I love my club/national team BUT am OK with other club/national team (if they are equally attractive):
Soccer fans in this category is more rational/objective. They love their club/national team but will also find other clubs/national team that playing cool/beautiful games attractive and receptive to them. Generally they are more open-minded in that sense.
From investment perspective, investors fall under this category will use one key strategy as their main investment strategy but at the same time will explore other strategies if they find them interesting.
3. I go with any club/national team that is playing at their best AT the moment:
Soccer fans in this category generally don't have one single club/national team that they like the most, they like soccer as a game and will follow whichever club/national team that is on form at the moment. Usually, this type of soccer fans will wear different clubs/national teams' jersey without a qualm.
From investment perspective, investors fall under this category will use whichever strategies that they find fit (at the moment) and hence their portfolio/instrument is generally more diverse.
Personally, I belong to the second category (in both soccer and investing sense). Are you a soccer fan? If yes, which category are you belongs to?
P/S : Of course, there is no right or wrong answer here, just personal preference!


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